Congratulations on the success of THUAN AN PAPER PROJECT

Congratulations on the success of THUAN AN PAPER PROJECT

Congratulations on the success of THUAN AN PAPER PROJECT which started up in 2018. This project is a newly built paper machine of 5400/800 with three ply in Vietnam. The whole machine’s dewatering elements are manufactured by Shandong Guiyuan Advanced Ceramics Co. ltd.(SICER). After installationg and commmission in October 2018, the paper machine had been put into service successfully. After one year’s running, we received good reviews from our customer. The working speed has reached the designed speed and the outcoming paper is made to be satisfied quality. On the day we visiting to the paper mills, the working speed was 708m/min. With checking on the running status, we also collect technical datas and provide profession services based on customer’s requirements.

Beside, we also checked on the spare parts for the three ply wire table and confirmed the ceramic foils and covers that need to be prepared. In order to speed up in the further, a few more sets of hydrofoils with different angles has been confirmed.

Along with the visit to paper mill, we attended the 34th Federation of ASEAN Pulp and Paper Industries (FAPPI) Conference held in Da Nang. Numerous experts, leaders and entrepreneurs in paper making industries gathered from near and far. We had been given excellent speches on the development and prospect of paper making industry in the whole world. In eastern Asia, there is still a promissing further and firm demand. It is a great news for us under the good economic flourishing. After the conference, we met with different customers and exchanged our intentions on the possible cooperations.

In the further, SICER will continue innovating and improve the product structures. We will also prove the value of Chinese manufacturing with outstanding examples of domestic and overseas, so stay tuned!


Post time: Mar-09-2021