Metallurgy And Casting Industry

  • Ceramic Foam Filter

    Ceramic Foam Filter

    As a high-quality supplier of ceramic filter, SICER specilized in the manufacture of products in four kinds of materials, which are silicon carbide(SICER-C), aluminum oxide(SICER-A), zirconium oxide(SICER-Z) and SICER-AZ. Its unique structure of three-dimensional network can effectively remove the impurities from the molten metal, which can improve the product performance and microstructure. SICER ceramic filter has been widely used in the nonferrous metal filtration and casting industry. With orientation of market demand, SICER has been always focused on the R&D of new products.

  • Corundum-mullite Chute

    Corundum-mullite Chute

    Corundum-mullite composite ceramic provides excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical property. By material and structure design, it can be used for maximum application temperature of 1700℃ in oxidizing atmosphere.

  • Quartz Ceramic Crucible

    Quartz Ceramic Crucible

    Quartz ceramic has excellent thermal shock resistance performance thanks to grain composition optimization. Quartz ceramic has a small coefficient of thermal expansion, good chemical stability and resistance to glass melt corrosion.