Congratulations on the success of Muda paper mills in Malaysia.

Congratulations on the success of Muda paper mills in Malaysia.

Recently, Taizhou Forest 5200 paper machine's working speed successfully spans 900m/min and achieves stable operation. All the dewatering elemetents are designed by SICER.

With Taizhou Forest Paper Company, SICER offers 5.9m dewatering elements for its 5200/ 900 multi-ply coated paper machine. And this project has become a milestone for SICER entering China’s high speed paper machine end. Its maximum working speed is 921 m/ min, and successfully broke the foreign monopoly. As a result, its daily output has exceeded 1,000 tons, and the life of the wire being used is up to 125 days, as much as 38.9% prolonged than foreign brands of similar project, achieving a remarkable cost saving effect. The replacement of the imported products also brings considerable economic and social benefits.

SICER’s ceramic wear parts have been equipped to hundreds of production lines of mid-high speed paper machine, with the trim width over 6.6m and working speed up to 1,300 m/ min. Based on the domestic high-end markets, SICER also strengthens the cooperation with Voith, Valmet, Kadant and so on, becoming a leading papermaking equipments supplier in China.

Thanks to Taizhou Forest for its trust in domestic brands. And thank you for using the fine management and superb technology to build a perfect platform for domestic brands.


The facts prove once again that Chinese and Chinese manufacturers can design, produce, and operate wide-width, high-speed paper machines!


Post time: Nov-30-2020